How to Grow Black Pepper at Home

How to Grow Black Pepper at Home -- Black pepper is a spice plant that is often used as a cooking ingredient. This flowering plant that produces spikes of green flowers has a dark color which is also known as pepper that can be dried or ground. Plants originating from South India have now gardened widely such as in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Brazil and other tropical countries. You can grow this black pepper easily at home in the following way:


Choose fresh and good sees

Before starting to plant black pepper, choosing black pepper seeds needs to be a major consideration. Choose fresh seeds from healthy plants. They soak the seeds to soften to make it easier for plants to grow sprouts.


After selecting the seeds and soaking black pepper seeds, you can use clay to plant the seeds 1/4 inch deep with 3 inches apart from each plant.


Soil moisture is the main thing that needs to be considered. You can keep the soil moist evenly, water regularly so that the seeds germinate quickly and grow leaves. With temperatures around 80 F this plant will germinate for up to a month. When it has grows to about 6 inches tall, you can transplant it into the garden or in a container.

Some treatments for black peper plants are:


Maintaining soil moisture is very important. Water the plants frequently, so you can harvest them quickly in pots. Or by placing a plate filled with water, which can increase soil moisture.


Then fertilization is very important to maintain the strength of flowers and fruit so that they do not fall out. Give compost that has been over the years on mature plants to be rich in nutrients. In addition,  Epsom salt to household fertilizers such as banana peels are also useful.

Pest on black pepper plants that often attack are rotting roots due to excessive watering. You can use some disinfectants to keep aphids, snails and insect away.


You can choose black pepper harvesters when the fruits are ripe. Choose a color that has been red to almost reddish, Then you can dry in the sun 3 -5 days.

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