7 Backyard Pond Ideas | Water Features for Your Garden

Homifine.com -- In addition to refreshing plants, you can add a water feature in the backyard in the form of a pond that will make you enjoy natural freshness more perfectly. You don't need to have it by taking up the small space in the backyard. For some ideas, check out the following article about 7 Backyard Pond Ideas | Water Features for Your Garden.



Beautiful flowers around the pond

This first idea creates a beautiful pond surrounded by brightly colored flowers on the edge of the pond. This will make this backyard have a more vibrant and colorful look. You can choose flowers that bloom all the time to maintain the beauty of this backyard pond.

Stones for edges

If you like the look of a simple pool, you can use this one idea. This small pool is made flat by following the surface of the yard. To keep it looking neat, there are stones arranged as the edge of the pond so as not to disturb the surrounding plants.

Mini river

You can use the pond in your backyard to resemble a small river with a wooden bridge crossing it. The addition of rocks to the pond will make it look more like a small river that is a source of life.

Best view around the garden

It would be very nice if you have a garden with a relaxing spot that offers a beautiful view. Not only the garden looks green, it will be very interesting to have a pool around the relaxing area. You can enjoy the view while feeding the fish in this backyard pond.

Use elevation for your pond

The small backyard that you have, it will be very interesting to have a pool with a design like this one. A higher pool elevation will be very safe for children and your pets, so they don't fall into this pool.

Small but fresh

This small pool looks attractive with an arrangement that resembles a mini waterfall flowing from the river above it. Don't forget to give rocks as the edge of the pool so that the water doesn't erode the soil and disturb the existence of the surrounding garden.

Completing your landscape

This small garden looks pretty with some fish in it. You can make it complementary to the landscape in your backyard. You can also make it a refreshing element in a dry garden that is more dominated by rocks. Interested in following it?

That's 7 Backyard Pond Ideas | Water Features for Your Garden  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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