7 Landscaping Architecture with Tropical Garden


7 Landscaping Architecture with Tropical Garden

Homifine.com -- When you have a plot of land around the house, you can make it seem alive by turning it into a tropical garden that can be done easily. Tropical garden design that are mostly intended for hotel or home areas, there are trends that you can try to apply to make the yard resemble a lush five-star resort. See the idea in the following review:

Create a tropical landscapes with walking paths


Some to design a tropical garden only rely on lush leaves and tall trees. To create  interesting new details, make a texture change with a walkway that will give a visually appealing look to the landscape at home, like a hotel yard.

Landscaping growth with ferns


Placing contrast leaf plants sideways along the path will provide a bit of drama and visual interest. Maximize it by positioning plants that are neatly lined up on the edges and choose fern for the entire area.

Make urban jungle garden landscaping


Make fundamental changes to tropical landscaping at home. Place some perfect plants like monstera, Alocasia to get tropical look. This time you can add a path to create a new landscape design and be the best choice.

Japanese dry landscape


By applying some details and decorations, you can create the perfect landscape for your home. Create a path from natural rocks to bonsai plants and dry landscaping that dominates.

Make curve settings on the landscape


If you like a lush atmosphere like a wilderness, bring back the feel of a tropical forest around the house. With curved paths surrounded by lush plants will show off an ideal home landscape and full of freshness.

Frame with bush garden


A tropical home garden by utilizing landscaping at home will be very interesting to try. Makeover, you frame the footing using purple flowering shrubs to beautiful boxwood.

Give a little difference to each step by using the size of the width-reducing and so on. 

Tropical landscape with many combinations


Will be interesting and visual to be enjoyed with the naked eye. You can use this landscape example to apply a new landscape design using a lot of natural blends. None other than ornamental grasses, shrubs to natural rocks.

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