7 Miniature Garden Ideas to Give A Unique Look To Your Apartment

Homifine.com -- Designing a garden is one of the easiest ways to beautify the appearance of a house to look more beautiful. But living in urban areas an apartments makes it difficult to find larger tracts of land. Well, you don't need to worry try to see the inspiration for this beautiful miniature garden.
Here are 7 miniature garden ideas to give a unique look to your apartment.

1. Miniature garden in a jar


Want to experience the garden and the coolness of the beach at home? You can create refreshing gardens and beach miniatures in transparent glass jars. Put a garden jar on the table to improve the look of the interior.

2. Miniature garden broken pot


If usually a broken pot is thrown away just like that, from now on, you can turn it into a beautiful miniature garden. The garden is designed to be multistory like on a hill. Isn't it pretty?

3. Miniature back garden


Living in an urban area makes it difficult for you to have a backyard, especially if you live in an apartment. You can make a miniature back garden and a pergola complete with a relaxing sofa. Then you can enjoy even indoors.

4. Beautiful fairy garden


Fairy garden design is very popular to be used as a home decoration. The colorful look of the fairy garden can make the house more beautiful and lively. You can combine the garden with miniature animals for a more lively look.

5. Mini succulent garden


Succulents are one of the beautiful and adorable ornamental plants. They are identical to the tiny size, you can make a charming miniature succulent garden. You can combine with wooden board to be attached to the wall.

6. Beautiful mini-garden


Want to make the look of the mini garden look more natural and unique? You can use rattan containers that are environmentally friendly. The decoration of shellfish around the garden makes the miniature garden look more stunning.

7. Miniature bottle garden


With the little creativity you have, you can create a beautiful bottle garden. The garden in a bottle or Terrarium looks refreshing and eye catching. Suitable for charming room decoration.

Those are 7 miniature garden ideas to give a unique look to your apartment. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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