7 White Flowers : Complete List with Names and Pictures

Homifine.com -- Planting flowers will be one of the things that can give beauty. Flowers also have a variety of attractive colors, one of which is white. White is a symbol of purity and serenity. Having white flowers will make you feel a more soothing atmosphere. For some white flowers that you can have, check the following article about 7 White Flowers: Complete List with Names and Pictures.





Daisy is one of the most popular white flowers because of its beautiful appearance. Daisy flowers are also easy to grow and propagate. When it blooms, you can cut daisies and then place them in a vase, which will be beautiful as a decoration in the room.


Peace Lily


Most people choose to plant peace lilies because of their amazing white flowers. The combination of white and fresh green leaves makes the peace lily look even more beautiful. However, under certain conditions, these white flowers can turn green. You don't need to worry because the peace lily will often flower.




Dahlia has many colors, one of which is white. This white dahlia has a daisy-like appearance with beautiful yellow pistils. You can grow these dahlias in the garden, as they like full light and moist but well-drained soil.


Lily Water


There are also aquatic plants that have white flowers. You will find it in lily water. The white flowers bloom perfectly with stacked petals. You will be amazed by its beauty on the surface of the water. This plant will adapt well to its environment.


Jasmine Flower


Of course, many know the beauty of this white jasmine flower. Besides having beautiful flowers, jasmine also has a fragrant smell. You can make it a natural fragrance that still brings freshness.





Orchids are also one of the plants that will amaze you with their white flowers. Mostly, orchids are planted in the shade to bloom beautifully. You can also make it a gift for loved ones with white, which symbolizes love.


White Rose


Roses are one of the white colors that you will like. You can even make it creep up on the frame of the pergola and create a more shady atmosphere. Roses are also one of the symbols that show romance.



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