How to Plan a Small Garden for Small Outdoor

How to Plan a Small Garden for Small Outdoor -- Take advantage of the small outdoor size at home to become a garden. Planning a small garden, of course, requires careful ideas and arrangements so that the outdoor yard feels wide and well-organized. To create a small outdoor garden, prepare some plot details and concepts that will be tried on a small garden at home.

 Find empty space at home


Try to find an space in the house that can be used as a home garden. Like this empty wall surface, it can be used as a vertical garden with shrubs that provide beautiful visuals and a fresh atmosphere.

Angle area measurement


You can start to design a small garden at home by measuring first. Sizing and resurveying like an outdoor corner that will be a place for a useful small garden.

Maximizing around the stairs


Plan your outdoor garden at home with the right and ideal arrangement. The area around the stairs that is usually empty this time can be turned into a new garden area with a vertical garden model and the addition of planters lining the bottom edge of the stairs.

Make a plant bed in a small garden


To ensure planning a small garden at home, you can switch to a plant bed that has been made in the corner of the dwelling. Provide space for the path to make it look open.

Small garden layout ideas


Next to planning a small garden at home, you can design a layout with a landscape concept. Adjust plants that fit, such as with a spilled potted planter or ornamental grass and natural rocks for land cover.

Create an open garden design


By designing a small open garden, it is guaranteed to be successful in arranging a home garden with planters and plant racks. Create a vegetable and fruit garden so that this area is suitable for children who are environmentally friendly.

Make a garden long the way


The next space is along the house path by making a small garden filled with natural rocks for cover. The selection of plants will be very appropriate, using bush plants to accent paths.

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