7 Awesome Example of Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

Homifine.com -- Are you worried about a kitchen that has a small space? Don't worry too much about it, because you can maximize the available space into a beautiful and comfortable kitchen. The following is an example of a small kitchen with various arrangements and styles that you can imitate, check the following article about 7 Awesome Examples of Modern Small Kitchen Ideas.

Simple but creative look

This kitchen has a simple appearance but still looks creative by using a backsplash that has a beautiful motif. The additional LED strip also makes this small kitchen look warmer and more stylish.

Add some vibrant color to your furniture

The presence of a kitchen near the stairs is one of the things that will maximize the space you have. The choice of white color makes it match the surrounding interior and creates a clean look. To give a more lively touch, you can use some more colorful furniture or decorations.

White kitchen

White is indeed a very appropriate color choice for a small space. Like this kitchen, the choice of white color and the right arrangement of furniture will make a small space more comfortable and feel spacious. Don't forget to add a window design that can provide better lighting for your small kitchen.

Choose important component

Some of the components that you must present in a small kitchen are a cabinet to maximize the arrangement and also present a cooker hood so that cooking smoke does not make your small kitchen more stuffy. Don't forget to bring at least these two components to the small kitchen you have.

Kitchen and dining table

Make an open space concept out of your small kitchen and a dining table. The concept of open space will make the room feel lighter and more airy. To keep it looking nice, choose a style that complements the kitchen and the nearby dining table.

Add plants in your kitchen

You can discuss more details about the decoration in addition to discussing the colors, furniture, and arrangement. Use plants to make a small kitchen feel more spacious, and choose plants that can naturally clean the air.

Monochrome Style

This monochrome accent elevates the look of this kitchen. The attractive design of this kitchen is that there are lounge chairs that will make you more comfortable while you wait for your food to cook. You can adjust this extra chair to fit the available space in the kitchen.




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