7 Beautiful Black Flowers & Foliage Plants for The Garden

Homifine.com -- Plants with black color do have a strong appeal because it will create a mysterious style and give a dramatic look to the garden. Some of the following plants with black flowers and flowers will be an inspiration to fill your garden. For that, check the following article about 7 Beautiful Black Flowers & Foliage Plants for The Garden.

Ludisia Discolor

If you like small leafy plants, you will love this one. The black color is not intense and has a beautiful brownish appearance. The leaves also have a bright line that makes it look not boring.



This black flower will make your garden more attractive. It has fresh green leaves, the black color of its flowers makes many people like it. The petals also have fine hairs and this flower has a beautiful yellow pistil.



Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret

 This is one of the varieties of Alocasia that has black leaves. This Alocasia has broad and thick leaves with a smooth and shiny surface. You can complete your black garden with this alocasia.



Piper Porphyrophyllum

This black plant will also amaze you with its heart-shaped leaves that have fine hairs on their surface. On the younger leaves, this plant has a purplish color that will darken day by day.


Three Brothers Bloom

Another black flower that will amaze you is known as the three brothers bloom. This plant will fit perfectly in your garden as it tolerates full light. You can pick some of the flowers to place in your living room vase.


Begonia Black Fang

Begonia is also one type of plant that is very suitable in your backyard garden. If you like black in plants, of course you will find it in this one variety. Its unique wrinkled leaves also make it more beautiful to complement your garden.


Alocasia Polly

Another alocasia that has beautiful black leaves is alocasia polly. The leaves have a pointed tip with silver leaf stripes. Many people like it as a houseplant, but you can also grow it in the garden.




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