7 Houseplant that Can Liven Up the House

7 Houseplant that Can Liven Up the House

Homifine.com -- Living in a densely populated house requires fresh air and comfortable circulation. Such as placing a void area, garden and also adding plants in the house is the most practical solution you try. Plant is better than choosing other favors for refreshment. Check out, the following 7 lists of plants that are ready for you to make home decorations and freshness.



It not just plant hard to kill, this snake plant can give air purifiers for home with intensity. Have a bold leaves, like a sword with pointed ends. Snake plant have green leaves with yellow dominance, motif like snake look this.

Dracaena Lemon Line


Dracaena is a popular houseplant known for its ornamental value. Apart from that, there are 6 great dracaena plant benefits proven in scientific studies. Best air purifying houseplant, it increases concentration and sharpens focus. It increases humidity, great ornamental value, low-maintenance. 



Symbolizes the element of immortality. This houseplant has a very optimistic nature and does wander all over the place if you look after properly. Grows best in bright, indirect light. A north or east-facing window is best. Water when the top inch or two of the soil is dry. Soft browning leaves are a sign of overwatering.

Oxalis triangularis


This is so beautiful houseplant you most have to bring home life up. Not have motif foliage on leaves, but this leave look like butterfly with awesome flower. Dominance with purple color, this small-looking plant stem can grow dangling down when the leaves are too thick.

Spider plant


Spider plant is the best houseplant that hard to kill. Grows well in any room with low maintenance. You can choose this plant for every room, especially north and facing windows.

Ficus lyrata


The ficus lyrata is still the best ornamental houseplant. You can bring up at home in every corner. Have one cause, never had houseplant can still grow good at home with any benefits you feel.

Calathea orbifiola


The following is an ornamental plant type of calathea. Large, dark green and patterned leaves are one of the choices, The stems grow upright, and these plants tend to be easy to care for.

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