7 Houseplant that you Wouldn't Believe Existed - Unique, Weird and Amazing Shape

7 Houseplant that you Wouldn't Believe Existed - Unique, Weird and Amazing Shape

Homifine.com -- Ornamental plants that generally look familiar for the appearance of the room. You can look for the other plant varieties that look absolutely stunning and offer exotic-looking foliage and unfamiliar shapes. Let's discuss some of these plants below:

Dolphin succulent


This type of succulent is commonly called the string of dolphins, which has leaves with extraordinary shapes. Grows well with thick leaves, green color and shaped like a dolphin which is suitable for hanging baskets.

Lifesaver plant (Heurnia Zebrine)


This plant from South Africa has unusual exotic flowers. This succulent grows to a height of 6 inches and produces star-shaped, red-striped yellow flowers having a distinctly shiny red center ring. This plant has fascination with bonsai pots as a delicious dish plant.

Coral cactus


This plant is not a cactus plant, although it looks the same. This rare succulent has a distinct and unusual wrinkled crest that resembles a coral.
White, purple, yellow, green or red colors with colorful beards do look strange when viewed.

Jewel orchid


This macodes petola plant has amazing leaves. Velvety texture, yellow veins and irregularly glistening in the glow. This plant can grow to a height of about 18 inches with a luxurious appearance perfect for beginners.

Crockswer plant


This plant that grows small and looks big also comes from South Africa. Plants with thin, thick green leaves that are unique and curved at the top and are very attractive to bring into the room as a decorative plant.

Marimo moss ball


This unique aquatic plant is becoming rare in the wild. The round shape of the moss ball makes this plant often a conversation. It grows well indoors, which you can add to your aquarium as a decorative glass container.

Venus flytrap


Of all plants, this plant has a unique and well-known shape. This plant is an interesting addition to the ornamental plant collection with a green rose about 5 inches high and 8 inches wide consisting of about eight leaf feathers.

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