7 Houseplants that Thrive in the Kitchen

7 Houseplants that Thrive in the Kitchen

Homifine.com --  Rearrange the decoration of the kitchen room with some natural elements such as ornamental plants that will give a fresh atmosphere and a more tropical appearance, the right plants for the kitchen not only function to purify the air, but are also good for increasing the effect of decoration and the room's condition is more humid and refreshing.

Here are 7 house plants that will thrive in your kitchen. 



Pothos is a plant that is very easy to bring into any room, including the kitchen, and it can adapt well to all conditions of low to tolerant space light. For a visually appealing and contrasting kitchen space, hang it around the display rack.



The philodendron plant is next on the list of indoor plants that grow well and require little care. This plant can be placed at several points in the kitchen and is relatively tolerant of drought and indirect to moderate lighting.



Any succulent deserve to be used as a room decoration, including in the kitchen. Succulents, which grow well with partial lighting and require little maintenance, can be brought back for kitchen areas. You can add interesting visuals by using crassula, kalanchoe, sedum, haworthia, aloe vera, and other plants.


8 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy To Maintain

Spider plant


The plants listed below are not only appealing to the main room of the house. Place the spider plant in the cabinet area or hang it in the corner of the room to serve as an air purifier. Keep it away from direct sunlight, which can cause the leaves to burn.



You could experiment with growing herbs plants in the kitchen. You can choose from parsley, mint leaves, thyme, basil, oregano, and other herbs. It can be placed around the windowsill to make it easier to use herbs in your cooking.

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Rubber tree


If you need a large plant, the ficus plant is ideal for any room. With proper watering and lighting, this plant can thrive. Pruning on a regular basis to keep size and shape under control.

Snake plant


Become one of the simplest and most popular plants for the room. Plants with lance-shaped leaves that are green with yellow stripes are easy to care for and tolerate low light conditions.

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