7 Indoor Plants that Look Like String of Hearts

Homifine.com -- String of hearts is one of the most popular plants and is widely used as a hanging plant or a plant shelf on the wall. Not only strings of hearts, you can also collect other plants that look like strings of hearts. For some beautiful varieties, check out this article on 7 Indoor Plants that Look Like String of Hearts.



String of Nickels


Growing by sticking out, this plant at first glance is the same as the string of hearts. But when viewed in more detail, it looks very different. This plant has plain green leaves with an oval shape. What looks interesting is, the closer to the tip, the leaf shape gets smaller.



String of Bananas


Just as the name suggests, this plant has leaves that are shaped like small green bananas. If it's too long, you can trim the ends. Don't worry, because this plant will grow back soon.



String of pearls


 Besides having a unique banana shape, this string plant also has a small round shape that resembles a pearl with a green color. It will be very interesting to place this plant on the windowsill with other string plants.


Pilea Glaucophylla


 This plant has a beautiful appearance with a silver color on its small leaves. Unlike the leaves, the stems of this plant have a red color that makes this plant look unique. This plant is also easy to care for and survives even when neglected.



String of Turtles


 You will agree that the leaves of this plant are very similar to turtle shells. That's why it's called that. When placing it in the pot, you will see that the leaves cover the surface of the pot perfectly so that only the beauty of the string of turtles hanging on the windowsill can be seen.


Million Hearts Plant


This plant looks stronger than before. The stems and leaves appear fresh. The semi-succulent leaves also feel stiff and prickly when held. You can make it a complement to your string plant.

Hoya Curtisii


This hoya is popular because of the unique arrangement of the pots and made with beautiful patterns. When you want thick leaves, you can prune them regularly. Place this plant next to a south-facing window to receive plenty of sun.

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