7 Plant that Reduce Humidity

7 Plant that Reduce Humidity 

Homifine.com -- Humidity in the house does make the atmosphere a little uncomfortable if it is too much. In addition to making the atmosphere less comfortable, excessive humidity can grow mold in the room to some furniture. Therefore, the room needs fresh and fresh air, such as the presence of intense sunlight for the room. 
In addition to sunlight to overcome the lighting, you can choose ornamental plants that can provide color and reduce humidity in the room.

You can see a list of plants that can provide color and reduce humidity in the room in the following 7 lists:




This peace lily is a tropical ornamental plant that can absorb moisture and can clean the air in the room at once. Prefers moist but not wet areas with bright, indirect light. However, this beautiful plant is considered poisonous and unsuitable for pets.



Flowering plants that can absorb moisture in the room and increase the coolness are orchids. This plant thrives with humidity of 60 -90 percent and likes bright and indirect sunlight. Some cultivars can grow in soil with peat moss plants. And pay attention to care during the soil season to produce the flowers you desire.



Spider plants are known as houseplants that can absorb moisture, have easy care and grow well in humid areas. Even so, this plant can  also to survive in dry area with the right care process. Avoid direct sunlight, which can make the leaves burn, dry out, and die.



Bamboo palm thrives in warm and humid conditions, giving a low maintenance room a tropical feel for the months to summer. This plant can reduce humidity in the room, especially the bathroom, kitchen to bedroom and add natural freshness. You can adjust this plant to the size of the room, and don't forget to repot it once a year.



A plant that thrives in dark room conditions and filtered humidity is Boston fern. This plant is most effective at absorbing moisture, tolerates dry air and gives a tropical feel to the room. Grows well in direct and moderate light and uses a good soil mixture.



The next list of plants that can absorb moisture in the room is English Ivy. A plant that thrives in damp spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Besides being able to absorb air moisture, this plant purify the air and eliminate mold that grows in humid places. 



Choose the right plants to reduce humidity in the room with tillandsia or an air plant. This plant can grow well in the room around the windowsill, which is believed to reduce the growth of mold. This plant is effective with easy maintenance and regular watering.

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