7 Simple Flower Pot Planter Ideas

7 Simple Flower Pot Planter Ideas

Homifine.com -- Beautiful plantings in attractive planters will complement your interior design. This stunning planter below will help to center a room. The planter will liven up and excite the atmosphere of the room. Consider the following lovely flower pot ideas:

Minimalist succulent pot ideas that are stylish 

This minimalist looks with a white planter is perfect for a room corner or office desk. Pots with this stylish painting will make the interior look more stylish and beautiful. Fill with trailing succulent plants, cacti, and the like.

A metallic hanging planter

Use a stylish hanging plant in corner of your home. With its strong iron chain, this round metallic pot will light up the room. Fill the space with hanging pothos plants.

Planter made of terracotta clay

A begonia plant grows in this small, round clay pot. When it doesn't fall with the terracotta color that adds a focal point in the corner of the room, this planter will last a long time.

Planter with a face transplant

The room will be more appealing with unique planting. This face transplant pot is one-of-a-kind and adds to the decorative appeal of a table corner at home. Additionally, choose plant that are similar to create a dominant impression.

Metal concrete pot

The use of elegant black planters will not detract from the decoration of the room. The pot's symmetrical shape will highlight the unique details of the dark green snake plant. Add a cup for copious watering to avoid spilling on the table.

Glass bottle and planter

This planter idea is very unique, and it should be created in a natural style room that is close to natura. Planter jar with moss plants and other plants such as succulents or aquatic plants.

Polka-dot-patterned wooden planter

This unique polka dot planter and wood for a charming look  will liven up any space at home. It also makes an excellent gift for a room corner that will showcase an exclusive and more charming style.

Half-head planter

This fascinating and one-of-a-kind idea will elevate your living space. Increase it by selecting a tradescantia that grows thick and propagates like a man with thick hair.

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