7 Stylish Ways to Show Your Plants

Homifine.com -- Did you know that even ordinary plants will look extraordinary with the right display? This will work more on plants with beautiful shapes and colors. A visually appealing display method will undoubtedly draw attention to the plant. 

Know how to display plants will help you make plants as stunning home decorations. Learn more in 7 stylish ways to show your plants.

1. Use a stake


Monstera and philodendron are lovely houseplants. This plant has green heart-shaped leaves, especially monstera with natural holes in them. Plants like this will make an excellent decorative element. 

Let them grow upright on wire stakes with coconut coir inside, like the pictures above. This will assist you in displaying the green and fresh leaves of the plants. 

2. Get a wall-mounted planter


Empty walls are a good place to put decorations, including plant decorations. Here, you can display your favorite live plants or flowers. Make sure you have a wall-mounted planter to nicely display your plants in this vertical space. This one-of-kind planter make your plant look so elegant. 

3. Create a vertical garden


Another way to make the most of the empty walls. You can create a vertical garden. Fill the blank space with plants that can grow vertically, such as mosses, ferns, and other low green plants. This will be a gorgeous gallery wall with optimal freshness. 

4. Grow the plant in water


Water propagation is both a method of plant propagation and a unique way of displaying plants. Spider plants can live longer in water. They will grow thick roots with lush foliage even when grown in water. You can also get a charming view from a clear glass filled with plants that grow happily there. 

5. Get planter holder


Many houseplants are short growing. You need to know ideas for displaying plants like these. Make them stand out by placing the pot in pot holder like this. This pot holder will make the plant look stylish. It prevents you from stepping on the smaller plants. 

6. Have a special spot for plants


If you are a plant lover, create a plant base camp in your home. Make the most of unused space for that, for example a space under the stairs. As long as you have access to the right light and humidity, this will keep your houseplants growing well and happy. 

7. Hang the plant


This last method is very simple. You can fill the vertical space by hanging potted plants there. Use a hanger that's both strong and visually appealing. A blooming Christmas cactus plant will be hung near the window with a white macrame hook. 

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