7 Trailing Peperomias for Growing Indoors

Homifine.com -- Trailing plants are indeed popular among plant lovers and home decor lovers. Having plants can be a timeless decoration and make the room feel fresher. One of the most popular trailing plant varieties is Peperomia. Some of the varieties that you will like, check the following article about 7 Trailing Pepperomias for Growing Indoors.

Peperomia Cupid


This Peperomia has small leaves with light colors with white edges that catch your attention. This plant is also known to be tough and easy to spread beautifully. When stressed, this plant produces black dots on its leaves.

Peperomia Japonica


Different from before, this Peperomia japonica has small leaves with a shiny, plain green color. You can place it as a hanging plant in the corner of the room. This variety is not very well known, but will be very impressive for a fresh and elegant look in your home.

Peperomia Beetle


The attraction of this plant is the small leaves that have a pattern resembling the skin of a watermelon. The leaves have a combination of dark and light green. In addition, it is easy to care for and suitable as a hanging plant on the windowsill.

Peperomia Perciliata


Round leaves become one of the characteristics of several varieties of Peperomia, one of which is this plant. However, this plant has larger leaves with a glossy green color. The red stalk is one of the unique things about this Peperomia.

Peperomia Ruby Cascade


This Peperomia has leaves like dollar coins, with green and red on both sides of the surface. You can place it in the room as a decoration with an attractive color.


Peperomia Parallel


This variety will be one of your collections to have amazing trailing plants. This plant can enjoy indirect bright light. The brighter it is, the more light it can have. It depends on your taste in color.



String of Turtles


When you see how it looks, you will realize why it has the name string of turtles. The small leaves have a round shape resembling a turtle shell with a similar pattern. When you plant it in a pot, you will see it fill the pot and spit it out when the pot is full.



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