Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas - Natural Color with Refreshing Plants -- Scandinavian-style house designs are indeed much liked because they appear with a calming atmosphere. Not only that, having a house with a Scandinavian style is usually characterized by furniture that is not excessive with natural styles such as a touch of wood and plants. For those of you who like the Scandinavian style to decorate your home better, check out the following article about Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas - Natural Color with Refreshing Plants.

Living room idea

This house's living room is neat, not only because of the proper arrangement, but also because of the color scheme and furniture design. You can match the color of the sofa to the walls in the living room and add motifs to make it more interesting and varied.



Living space idea

This living room, in addition to a comfortable sofa, has a lounge chair that can be used to watch television more comfortably. The use of complementary colors will make the room appear more beautiful. The skylight roof is another interesting design in this area, as it makes the room feel warmer and less stuffy.

Dining room idea

In the dining room, the furniture has been chosen to be more simple and sleek. The combination of the white round table and the comfortable rattan chairs looks great. Plant decorations make this room appear more alive and fresh.

Kitchen idea

One of the characteristics of a Scandinavian-style interior is the use of white and wood. It also enhances the appearance of this small kitchen. The use of white creates a clean look, and the wood color in this kitchen complements the fresh plants on the windowsill.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom design is also made to have a skylight roof that provides a gap for light to enter. However, to avoid glare, you can use a curtain that covers it. Choose a color that stays in harmony with the interior so that it still has an aesthetic.

Balcony idea

The small balcony is designed in the popular boho-scandi style. The sofa is chosen in a size that is appropriate for the space. Other decoration details are naturally displayed as well. Include a roof or curtains to keep your balcony comfortable and shady.


Outdoor space

This house not only has a charming interior, but it also has a relaxing outdoor space. This area is designed with a pergola in a variety of colors and furniture that complements the interior. A string light can also be used for maximum lighting at night.



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