Snake Plant Leaves that Curl? To Solve the Problem, Repair it.

Snake Plant Leaves that Curl? To Solve the Problem, Repair it. -- The snake plant is one of the easiest and least fussy houseplants to care for. However, you may discover that this plant has curly leaves and are unsure how to deal with it. See the review for more information on what causes the snake plant's curly leaves to turn yellow.

Receive an excessive amount of sunlight 


Long periods of sun exposure are the first cause of snake plant leaves curling. This causes the plant to lose water rapidly, causing the leaves to dry and curl. To keep the plant in the sun, place it in a partially shaded area, such as window sill.

A fungus infection


Another reason why snake plant leaves curl and have brown spots could be due to a fungal infection. To reduce the spread of fungal infection, cut off the tips of rotted leaves, avoid overwatering the plant, use filtered water, and store in partial light.

Watering insufficiently or excessively


Watering plants is critical, but too little watering can cause the leaves to warp, wrinkle, dry, and turn brown on the edges. Watering too much can cause the plant to droop. You can overcome this by scheduling watering for 3 - 4 days and describing whether or not the soil layer is really dry.

Pest infestation


Another reason why snake plant leaves curl is pest infestationplants . These are usually infested with thrips and mealybugs, which are dangerous to snake leaf plants. Use an organic pest-remove remedy such neem oil solution. Otherwise, spray 70% isopropyl alcohol on the water fleas to get rid of them.

Fertilization that is excessive

Because snake plant are simple, they do not require frequent fertilization. Excessive fertilization can result in leaf curl, browning, and root damage. Choose a nitrogen-rich fertilizer that releases slowly according to label directions, and avoid feeding once a month.

Rot of the roots


Roots root and leaf drooping can be caused by wet soil conditions. In the long run, this will kill the plant. Choose a well-drained potting mix and ensure that the pot has enough drainage holes at the bottom to prevent puddles.

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