Tiny Loft House Design - With Beautiful Bamboo

Tiny Loft House Design - With Beautiful Bamboo 

Homifine.com -- A modern-looking house does not have to use modern materials such as concrete, iron, and others. As an example, this loft house design incorporates bamboo walls for a fantastic, more tropical appearance. The completeness of space and neat arrangement can bring a holiday atmosphere to this attic house design.

Meanwhile, a variety of other benefits can provide a fresh impression in the summer and a warm atmosphere at night.

Lovely exterior design

The use of bamboo material creates a contrasting appearance on the facade of this house. The glossy finish adds a tropical feel and looks beautiful. To make the terrace appear more comfortable, it is divided into two sections filled with seats. And the bamboo fence, which makes the outside area more private. 

Terrace wall specifics

This section of the terrace features a one-of-a-kind use a bamboo walls with beautiful motifs. The flossy brown color is warm and natural. This combination is applied to the window area as well as the house door, with a clearly visible black list accent.

Parquet flooring in the interior

This attic house maximizes parquet floor material for finishing the floor of the room to give the interior a strong dominance. The atmosphere of the room is clearly more modern, with a luxurious and glossy appearance, despite the material selection being fairly economical and environmentally friendly.

Bedroom in the loft

The bedrooms in this house are clearly located in the attic. As seen above the kitchen of the house, with access to the material via wooden and iron stairs. The room's detailed lighting is placed in each corner to provide a bright impression in all corners.

Kitchen details in an attic house

The kitchen, which is located at the far end of the first room, completes the picture. A linear kitchen model is ideal for minimizing the small size. Furthemore, the kitchen space is still maximized with a cabinet to store it, making cooking activities easier.

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