2022's 7 Most Innovative Houseplant Varieties

2022's 7 Most Innovative Houseplant Varieties

Homifine.com -- The beauty of ornamental plants is very breathtaking, and they should be displayed in all spaces of the house. Form low-maintenance succulents to tree houseplant that purify the air in any room of the house, there's something for everyone. It is critical to choose beautiful plants for home decorating that are low-maintenance, attractive, and can be enjoyed at any time.

In the following evaluation, we look for the most inventive houseplant of 2022:

 Snake plant


Snake plants are the most popular ornamental plants in any home and are low-maintenance plants. This plants is a succulent that is easily propagated. There are several types, including Sansevieria trifasciata, Pinguicula, Pagoda, and Cylindrical. Grow well by paying attention to everything from light to soil to watering. 



When you view this plant, you may have the wrong impression; some call it elephant ear, alocasia, and other names. Despite the facts that this is a philodendron of the Araceae family. This plant has en eye-catching form and leaf color. Carefully arrange as a decorative plant in the room.



Alocasia is a type if tropical plant that is related to aglaonema, taro, and anthurium. Plants of varied colors become fashionable from time to time. This plant has silvery-white veins on its leaves, which are a lustrous dark green with a smooth or velvety surface.



An ornamental plant well-known for its variety, beautiful leaf beauty, and ease of care. Because of its amazing diversity and unique colors, it is ideal for novices. This plant can be placed everywhere in the house, from a work desk to a living room to a bedroom. Even in low light, this plant can live for quite some time.

Pilea Peperomioides


This popular plant, with its distinctive leaf that distinguishes if from other sorts of plants, receives little attention. The spread is likewise fairly simple, and it is normally put in a south or east window with little direct light. This plant can grow miniature new plants around the base and be moved to a different pot.

Philodendron Micans


Philodendron micans is a variety of philodendron that is easy to care for and is categorized as a heat-resistant plant, however it should not be grown in direct sunlight. It is native to Mexico's tropics, and its leaves are delicate, heart-shaped, and increasingly elongated.



Cactus of any kind has now become a popular plant that many people have. Plants that require little upkeep can be cultivated by beginners and are even regarded tough to kill. Consider relocating the plant outside; you may bring it back into the room around the window sill.

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