7 Colorful Houseplant Growing as Decorations

7 Colorful Houseplant Growing as Decorations

Homifine.com -- The atmosphere of the house can be changed to be more striking by adding ornamental plants. To avoid a lifeless feeling and montonouse appearance of the home, place brightly colored ornamental plants in every corner. Pick ornamental plants that don't require a lot of work and are simple to maintain.



A very unusual plant that looks breathtakingly lovely. Has purple leaves that fold at night, resembling a dominant butterfly. Only when the soil dries out does this plant need to be watered. Its expansion is also very simple for newcomers, as is its growth.



Orchids are a plant that has a bad reputation for being challenging to grow and bloom. Even so, to keep the orchid growing healthily and producing lovely flowers, it needs extra care and attention, including the right feeding, watering, and pruning.




The ornamental plant of choice for using colorful ornamental plants to decorate the room has more than 100 different varieties. This plant has long-lasting blooms that appear from summer to fall. Long-petaled spring-like flowers can be seen with lovely layers.



This tradescantia has glittering appearance. This plant's most striking feature are its dark green, purple leaves, which are oval in shape and covered on a waxy substance. You can hang the plant in the corner of the room because of the striking color contrast.



Thisa plant, which thrives outdoors, grows well indoors as well and fits into any space. Clivia has very lovely flower color, and the blooms are absolutely stunning. Clivia has green leaves that survive and flourish all year long. Grows well from early spring to fall and prefers warm temperatures.

Anthurium Adreanum


There are many different varieties of anthuriums, but this one is particularly lovely for using red flowers to decorate a space. Because it cannot tolerate direct sunlight, it thrives indoors. Require appropriate lighting and watering to produce consistent flowering throughout the year.



The next has more than 1800 different varieties of begonia. One of them can thrive in the tropics, which are well-liked for allowing indoor plants to bloom all year long. There are several varieties of this indoor plant that will bloom, including begonia rex, wax begonia, and cane begonia.

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