7 Direct Light Loving Indoor Plants

7 Direct Light Loving Indoor Plants

Homifine.com -- Many ornamental plants come from forest that constantly receive and filter sunlight. There are, however, plants that require sunlight for maximum growth and development that originate in South Africa and Australia. And one of these ornamental plants is listed in the review below:



Hibiscus flowers are ornamental plants that are become garden plants or fence in this house. It is also known as hibiscus, and it has large flowers that give it a tropical appearance. This plant is drought tolerant and can survive without watering.  

Provide even moisture and avoid overwatering to keep this plant healthy.



This type of succulent ornamental plant, which grows well and prefers indirect but bright light, is best placed outside in the morning. This plant with thick leaves is very popular and is often used as a desk decoration.

Palm ponytail


This decorative plant with horsetail-like leaves and large stems is ideal for potted containers. It works well as a table or kitchen space accent and prefers full to partial light.



The plant used by the ancient Egyptians to make boats is a beautiful plant for sunny areas. Provide consistent moisture to keep him happy at all time. This plant can be grown as a decoration on the edge of a pond or in a container filled with water that is changed once a week.

Snake plant


This widely grown plant is mostly grown indoors or outdoors. Even as a houseplant, this sansevieria can survive without being watered. This plant grows and thrives in both bright light and shade, with beautiful and distinct leaf colors.



Cordyline, a tropical evergreen plant, grows beautifully with colorful leaves that are pink, green, purple, red, and striped. This light-tolerant plant prefers low light and humidity.

Ficus lyrata


This violin leaf plant is a rubber plant that can reach a height of 6 - 10 feet indoors. This plant, which requires bright light, will be fine if it receive some indirect sunlight. Simple maintenance suitable for beginners and proper watering.

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