How Does the Philodendron Gigas Plant Grow and How Should it be Cared for?

How Does the Philodendron Gigas Plant Grow and How Should it be Cared for? -- If you've grown philodendrons, you've probably got almost all of them. Philodendron gigas is a common plant owned by gardeners. This plant was recently discovered and quickly became popular in the ornamental plant community. To learn more about Philodendron gigas care and growth, read the following reviews:

 About philodendron gigas


This is a popular philodendron variety in the ornamental plant world. This plant has incredibly large leaves with a velvety texture that makes it look like a soft almost blackish cloth. It is not only impressive, but also large enough to reach over 5o feet. Require little upkeep and can grow quickly with proper care.



If you want to add the philodendron to your ornamental plant collection, use the appropriate pot potting mix, and fertilizer. A plant that has the necessary conditions for long and impressive leaf height. This tropical plant does not like cold weather and thrives in high humidity and full sun.

To grow this philodendron successfully, use the cutting method. Make use of a pot with good drainage. To encourage root growth, use a mixture of peat soil and another mixture.

Philodendron cultivation


Philodendron gigas can be easily cared for. Because this plant is simple and suitable for beginners. Some conditions that must be met in order to grow this plant include indirect lighting that is bright but not direct sunlight.


 Water this plant soil as soon as it dries out by 1 - 2 inches. Test the soil with your finger and keep an eye on the plant for signs of overwatering, such as yellow leaves, brown leaf margins, root rot, and wilting to  death. 


It is also critical to choose the right soil for growing this plant. For additional drainage, use a special soil mixture containing perlite and bark. Keep an eye on the plant's temperatures to keep it warm and avoid causing damage to the plant.



It is advised to fertilize the plants on a regular basis. During the soil season, this philodendron gigas will absorb a lot of nutrients and may deplete the available stock in the container. Provide a balanced fertilizer of secondary and micro nutrients for complete care.



Don't forget to care for your philodendron in order to keep it looking nice as a decoration and valuable plant collection. Clean the leaves to reduce sunlight absorption, and trimming to control growth and prevent long-legged plants. Repotting is also important for plant development, as is knowledge of common plant disease problem.

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