How to Grow Any Pothos Plant This Way (It's Fast & Easy) - Pothos is the one of popular indoor plants. With low maintenance, Pothos also easy and fast to grow. Here you can see about How to Grow Any Pothos Plant. Just check it out!

Select the Healthiest Stem


Firstly, you must prepare things that need to grow Pothos. Like scissors, any Pothos plant, transparent jar, and water. Then, select healthy stem with in Pothos. Use sterile and sharp scissors to cut this stem. You can cut between the nodes.

Has at Least One Node and One Leaf at Your Cutting Stem


You can cut as many Pothos stems as you need. But, in your cutting, at least must have one node and one leaf.

Try to Propagate and Grow Pothos in Water Media


And next, prepare the jar and fill it with water. Make sure that your glass jar has non-chlorinated water. It can make you get fail to grow or propagate Pothos. Then, put insert the cuttings in this jar. Make sure one node is submerged in water.



After to do all above, you can wait this Pothos. Usually you can see the plant develop roots in 30 days. Keep this Pothos at spot with indirect light and change the water every 3-5 days.



Growing Pothos maybe easy and fast. But, you must consider for the points:

  • Change water in every week, as water loses oxygen with time, and roots need it to grow.
  • Keep the jar about where they receive bright indirect light. Just make sure to protect the Pothos from direct sun.
  • Avoid exposing Pothos to cold and low temperatures below 10 C degrees (50 F degrees) to continue to grow the cuttings.

Thank you for reading How to Grow Any Pothos Plant This Way (It's Fast & Easy), I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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