How to Make Terrariums in Mason Jars

How to Make Terrariums in Mason Jars -- Mason jar terrariums make an excellent birthday or housewarming gift for teachers, friends, and even relatives. Plants that thrive in neglect are inexpensive, depending on the long-term cultivation process. Making a terrarium in a mason jar is simple but requires some skill. How to read the following review:

Gather materials and tools 


Prepare several tools, such as a spray bottle, as well as materials such as jars, small plants, and moss, if desired. Wipe with a clean cloth a mason jar that has been thoroughly cleaned and washed.

Hydrate the soil


You can wet your plant pot media after you've chosen a mason jar. Water lightly to provide moisture. Remove the plant from the planter before gently pushing it out of the container to avoid breaking or cutting the roots.

Position the plant


Squeeze out the root ball while removing the plant, then place it in a jar. Cover all of the roots with soil, forming a mound by pressing the roots inward.

Incorporate moss


To complete the look of the terrarium, cover the ground at the top with a little moss. Top finish, press into the soil around the plant and create green mounds. Keep the grease away from the plant's crown.

Test for jar adjustment


Fish the plant's leaves and branches into the jar with care. Take your time. Gently place the bottle over the plant to push it into the jar. This method is indeed complicated; you can move the plant into the jar slowly.

Adorn your terrarium


To complete the decoration use a suitable terrarium plant. For example, by arranging rock, miniature statue, or other items.

Terrarium maintenance


After planting, keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight. With only partial shade to ensure survival and growth provide watering to keep humidity form becoming too high.

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