Indoor Hanging Plants for Home: Types, Display Ideas, and Benefits - Indoor plants can help you to improve the air quality and home decor. Especially with hanging plants, it can make you save more space at home that can make spacious and clean accent. Look to these Indoor Hanging Plants for Home: Types, Display Ideas, and Benefits. Just check it out!

Display the Indoor Hanging Plants

Many ways to arrange the hanging plants at your indoor area. You can use metal wire or plastic for hanging basket plants. Look at these ways to display your hanging plants:

  • Metal basket lined with moss or coconut. It makes an attractive look, but it can dry out faster than solid pot.
  • Wicker basket
  • Metal or ceramic sculptural for elegant or lavish touch
  • Wooden planters, pots with pattern, etc.

Benefits of Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor plants give you many benefits. Like improve the air quality, absorb the pollutant, reduce stress, etc. No matter you set up the indoor plants, you can make they have good location that can help to survive and keep fresh. 

And if you have small or narrow house, you can hang the plants for simple and saving more space.

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Hanging Plant's Type

Air Plants (Tillandsia)


This unique indoor plants perfect for your indoor. Has botanical name with Tillandsia, they can survive without soil to grow. And low maintenance, you can hang this plants on the wall or hanging basket. Maybe you need to maintain good air circulation and enough light to mature in its full glory.

Baby's Tears (Pilea depressa)


Baby's tears is the one of hang plants with low maintenance. They spread swiftly and spill over the sides when you hang them in the container. Avoid for overwatering and wet soil, it can make stunt the Baby's tear to grow.

Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum)


Commonly called with five fingers, the leaves at this arrowhead plant begin with an arrowhead form before sprouting a few fingers. 

Besides green hues, the leaves at this plant has white stripes that make attractive looks. You can put them in living room, bedroom, or other with medium to bright light to survive.

Boston fern


Boston fern is an indoor plant that appealing for home decoration. You can grow this indoor plants in hanging basket or put at corner area. They love with humid conditions, but they also may withstand less humid conditions as well.

Donkey tail (Burro's tail)


Include succulent species, Burro's Tail can grow without water for long periods. This indoor plant also appreciates with bright light. So, you can put this hanging plants near light source like windowsill or other room with natural light.

Bird's Nest Fern


Bringing a lush green vibrancy to home, Bird's nest fern can grow by attaching themselves to other plants. The sun that they receive determines the form of their leaves.

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