Learn How to Care Croton Plant Indoor

Homifine.com -- Croton is a plant with thick leaves and has a variety of patterns, so many people want to have it as an ornamental plant or garden plant. There are several things you need to pay attention to regarding the treatment. Check out Learn How to Grow Croton Plant.


Lighting is one of the most important things when having plants. For croton, it is recommended to place it in a sunny area, such as the east or south window area. Why should it be in a bright area? This has to do with the color of the leaves it produces. Giving it bright light will make the leaves grow beautifully.


Regarding watering, this plant needs moisture in the soil, so don't let it dry out too much. Water when the top of the soil is dry. If you want to keep the pot moist, you can use a tray filled with water and gravel, and don't let the water sit on the roots for too long.


The placement of this plant is also important to note because it likes humidity. Placing it as an indoor plant will be highly preferred because it is more humid, but still make sure it needs other care such as light, fertilizer, watering, and other care. Besides placing it near the window, you can also use this croton as a beautiful bathroom plant.


Feed the crotons with a standard houseplant fertilizer every 2 months during the spring and summer. However, you will need to reduce fertilizing in the fall and winter because they will be slow to develop in the winter.

Another thing to consider when having this plant is related to repotting. The plant will react badly when the pot is full of roots, and the best way to deal with this is to move it to a larger location. You can do this activity regularly every 2-3 years.



If you want to have more crotons, you don't have to buy them in stores anymore. Easily multiply croton at home. You can take cuttings from the croton stem and clean it from the sap. Then, you can place it in water until the roots appear, and you can transfer it to a pot. You will get a new croton without having to buy it.

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