Simple Hints - How to Make Pothos Fuller

Simple Hints - How to Make Pothos Fuller -- Pothos plants are the most common and popular ornamental plants for  room decoration because of their glossy and beautiful leaves. This plant is suitable for use in hanging baskets and is simple to care for. This plant will add a tropical feel to your home. Don't worry about finding the best way you can know in the following review to make it more complete:

Prune on a regular basis


You can do regular pruning to tidy up plants and stimulate new growth as part of a series of ways to make pothos plants full. During active growth periods, the plant is pruned in the spring or summer. Avoid pruning in the fall and winter because it discourages new plant growth.

Propagation of plants


To make pothos fuller, spread it and rename newly rooted plants to the parent plant. Plant propagation through stem cuttings, which can be done in the spring or summer or placed in water. You will notice new roots for a few weeks, and once they appear, you can transplant them into the soil to fill the vines.

Provide adequate lighting


Aside from pruning, another way to make pothos plants fuller is to place them in well-lit areas. These plants will grow slower and have smaller leaves if they do not receive enough light. Place it in an area that receive enough light. Place it in an area that receives bright, indirect light on a daily basis.

Don't forget to water


Although pothos plants are easy to care for and do not require much water, you should still water them when the soil is completely dry. Water frequently during active growth periods in spring and summer. 

Include a moss pole


Use a moss pole to promote more leaf growth and a fuller appearance. To provide a twisting bond, use moss poles that vines attach to. This process takes several months and requires that the moss pole be kept moist.

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