Six Eye-Catching Indoor Plants that Grow Fast

Six Eye-Catching Indoor Plants that Grow Fast -- Ornamental plants are better for decorating the yard or the interior of the home. Its lovely and lush appearance adds freshness to the home and can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Below are some examples of popular plants that grow quickly and have an unusual appearance.



This syngonium vine is another interesting vine to have as an indoor plant. This unusual arrow-shaped leaf has slightly wider size and grows long all year. Walls can be used as an aesthetic decoration or as a place for bookshelves.



Pothos are fantastic houseplant for the room that do not break easily. Low- maintenance indoor plant that tolerates low light. This plant can grow up to 2 feet on a vine in the right conditions.

Peace Lily


Peace lilies are beautiful ornamental plants with vibrant leaf and flower colors. This tropical rainforest plant can reach height of 24 - 40 inches in single year. This plant can bloom year after if properly cared for.

Philodendron heartleaf


The heartleaf philodendron is an intriguing choice for a fast-growing plant. The requirements for growing  this plant ae also simple. Even in low light, this plant grows well in a warm and comfortable environment. Regular watering will encourage this plant to grow faster and with larger leaves.

Rubber tree


If you want a tall growing indoor tree plant with a majestic appearance, ficus elastica is the plant for you. A lovely plant with shiny dark green leaves that are variegated. This plant can tolerate some sun and water, but not too much.



Tradescantia zebrina is a plant that thrives and looks great as a hanging plant in this room. Plants that can go three days without watering are also low-maintenance are also low-maintenance and ideal for beginners. This purple leaf color with green and white lines is ideal for low-light situation.

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