Six Ideas for Decorating Plants in a Beautiful and Vibrant Pop-art Style

Six Ideas for Decorating Plants in a Beautiful and Vibrant Pop-art Style -- The collective style of the room will give the home a festive blast by using ornamental plants and fresh decorating colors. With a new lifestyle and green elements in every room, this professional ideal will be simple be able to try and choose decorations from the reviews below:

Kitchen frame with a striped motif

Prioritize the decoration to make the kitchen space on of the best services for the entire family. This traditional America kitchen with pop-art colors on the bright striped carpet represents a festive look, as does the visible backsplash. Vines that grow like trees, such as pothos or fiddle figs, can be used to frame the outside of the kitchen. 

Design that is artistic and complex

This are will provide a relaxing atmosphere for eating activities. The most comfortable place will always be one with complete furniture, such as a long table and wooden chairs. The striped motif is still prominent enough to create a monochrome look with colorful lanterns.
Include plants in the corners to create a more refreshing look. 

Use a variation om the same pattern

For a bohemian style application, change the decor of the room with an overall look that includes pattern accents. These colorful accents will serve as an excellent room marker, as will the incorporation of ornamental plants to improve the space's freshness.

Incorporate a decorative accent wall

This decor will unite the energy in the room with freshness, adding a unique detail to a pop-art style room. Abstract and pop-art themed wall art blends perfectly with a variety of ornamental plants in all areas.

Bedroom with cheerful pop art

There's nothing wrong with combining a pop-art style with ornamental plants in a bedroom. Even if the decoration is colorful, a small room with a minimalist concept and neutral colors appears spacious.

Complete bedroom wall art

Complete the look of your bedroom with matching pop-art wall decorations or a sky theme with star-shaped pillows. Complete the hanging lamp detail for a bright and spacious room.

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