Six of the Most Expensive Houseplant

Six of the Most Expensive Houseplant -- Most people prefer to invest in plants, which can sometimes cost much more than anything else. Plants for gardeners are more than just a fad; they can also be a profitable hobby and a source of pleasure. 

You can look at the six most expensive plants in the review below

Hoya Carnosa


Hoya carnosa compacta is another plant with this unusual variation. The inside of the leaves of this most expensive plant are cream or yellow. If you can afford it, this plant has lovely flowers and unusual leaf shapes. However, if your want to choose a less expensive variety, hoya other varieties are an option.

Old Pine Bonsaii


Bonsai trees are beautiful plants that gardeners adore. Unique shapes command high prices. It sells for around $1.3 million in some countries, such as Asia-pacific.

Shenzen Nongke Orchid


Scientist have been working on this orchid-type plant, which is entirely human-made, for several years. Orchid enthusiast must be patient in order to grow this orchid. Because it can take 4 - 5 years to bloom. This plant is a rare plant category, with a beautiful charm and a distinct aroma.

Monstera variegata


This plant, known as Swiss cheese, comes in a variety of varieties, each with relatively high price. This plant, which grows in a variety of countries, has lovely colors with random colors splashes and castings and not two leaves of the same shape. As home decorations, you can have wide range of attractive options.

Fiddle fig


Plants in this genus can reach height of 50 feet in tropical rain forest and 10 feet in the right conditions. Violin leaf plants are both popular and sensitive to air quality. Prefers dry air or wind and does not like sunlight. 

Philodendron Minima


The next most expensive plant is philodendron minima, also known as tropical Raphidophora Tetrasprema. This plant has lovely green leaves in the shape of a monstera display. And the incredible variety of yellow leaves.

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