Tips Saves Dead Lucky Bamboo - Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow

Tips Saves Dead Lucky Bamboo - Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow -- Lucky bamboo is one of the ornamental plants that are difficult to kill and can bring good fortune to their owners. Even if neglected, this plant can go for days without being watering. However, some newcomers are unhappy because the leaves have turned yellow.

The following review will teach you how to save these plants:


Do not replace the water


The first reason that plant leaves may turn yellow. Even if you let this plant grow in water, it is best to change the water once a twice a week to avoid yellow leaf changes and plant rot.

Place the plant in complete darkness

Keeping plants indoors in areas that are dark and lack natural light can eventually cause the leaves on plants to turn yellow due to a lack of natural light. As a suggestion, place the plant in an area that does not receive direct sunlight, such as a window sill or near a west-facing window.

Fertilizer application that is excessive


In addition to some of the issues mentioned above, using too much fertilizer can cause the leaves to swell and the tips to burn without your knowledge. You simply apply a pinch of fertilizer every 3 to 7 weeks. Allow new, store-bought plants to adjust to their new surroundings.

Varying the planting medium


Another factor that cause the lucky bamboo plant's leaves to turn yellow is a change in garden media. For example, placing the plant in active soil and then replacing it with water causes the leaves to turn yellow. This media shift if avoidable. However, this method does not guarantee that the plant will die; you simply need to be patient and give it time to adapt so that it can grow green again.

Utilizing chlorine of fluorinating watering


This plant is extremely sensitive to chlorine/fluoride-containing water. The plant turns yellow, the leaves warm, and this is one of the symptoms of poisoning. When growing this plant, make sure to filter rainwater and well water. It is best to leaves the tap water overnight to allow the salt to settle.

Expose to direct sunlight


Even in the hot sun, not all plants can survive for long. One of them is that this fortunate bamboo prefers direct sunlight to bright sunlight. This can cause the leaves to burn and cause photosynthesis to cease. Place it in an area that receives indirect light, such as east or southeast windows.

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