7 Backyard Pond Ideas | Water Features for Your Garden

Homifine.com -- Besides a garden with beautiful flowers, you can also create your backyard with a variety of looks by adding a small pond. Some pond ideas that can maximize your backyard view, check out 7 Backyard Pond Ideas | Water Features for Your Garden.

Crushed stone at the pond's edge

This small garden looks fantastic with crushed stone around the edges. This small pond is surrounded by white coral in addition to thin stone chips, giving it a more varied appearance. A small frog statue for the fountain is an interesting addition to this small pond.

Use the edge for pond

If your pond is higher than the surrounding area, you can use edges made of wood or bamboo to keep the pebbles and rocks from becoming scattered. If you want to be more secure, use concrete for the pond's edge.

Combine with plants

Use plants around the pond to create the illusion of a small lake with fresh plants for a more natural look. Use trellis to make the vines look like shaded trees. Add some plants that grow densely but do not completely cover your small pond.

Large wooden box

This small garden is designed in the style of a tall wooden pond. However, the presence of this wood is only as a rim to make it look neater, as the pool itself is mostly made of concrete. Plastics pond can also be used for less money, but they may break easily. The addition of succulents around the pond creates a stunning visual effect.


Use stone for pond

Using rocks to build this small pond will make it easier to maintain and create a natural river-like look. The addition of small flowers that surround the pond makes it look like a pond in a fairy tale.

Use roof for pond

To create a non-spill pond, first dig out a corner of your yard in the size you desire. Use rocks around the pool's edges to keep water from escaping. The addition of a roof will keep fallen leaves out of the pond.

Clean look

This final small pond design uses a clean look with a selection of brightly colored rocks. The pool is also kept clean with a special mat in a complementary color. Adding this lotus is a fresh choice and not boring flowers to make the look more lively.



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