7 Beautiful Flowering Oxalis Varieties

Homifine.com -- Although usually known by its purple varieties, this plant has many varieties. Not only do the leaves look unique with a variety of colors, this plant can also produce beautiful flowers and become the main attraction for its beauty. Some varieties that you can have, check 7 Beautiful Flowering Oxalis Varieties.


Oxalis Triangularis 'Purple'


This is the most common type of this plant. Its purple leaves resemble lovely butterfly wings. This plant's purple color gradation gives it a distinct appearance. You can transform it into a stunning room decoration.

Oxalis Triangularis 'Green'

Did you know that this oxalis has identical varieties aside from the purple color? The flowers and the leaves are both the same shape. The only difference is that the leaves are a different color. You can compare the two to confirm this point.

Oxalis Megalorrhiza


This oxalis has green leaves with a beautiful heart shape and beautiful flowers in a variety of colors. The yellow flowers make for a more eye-catching display when combined with the plain green leaves. Do you want to know more about it?

Oxalis Iron Cross


Each stalk of this variety has four petals. This plant's leaves are an unusual color, with a green center and a dark center. It also has flowers that are different from the others, namely a dazzling pink color.

Oxalis Vulcanicola


Oxalis vulcanicola is the name of this lush plant. When the yellow flowers have bloomed, the maroon leaves are ideal. When you have this plant, you will awe many people with its beauty. It's just as lovely as the purple oxalis, in my opinion.

Oxalis Corymbosa Aureo Reticulata


Have leaves that have unique patterns and are different from other varieties, this is Oxalis Corymbosa Aureo Reticulata. The green leaves have bright lines and make it look not boring. They also have stunning pink flowers. You should put it on your must-have oxalis list.

Oxalis Obtusa


The latter variety has larger flowers than the others. Despite having ordinary-looking green leaves, this plant looks perfect in peach tones. Will you have this one soon?

Thank you for reading 7 Beautiful Flowering Oxalis Varieties. I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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