7 Insanely Clever Ways To Plant Succulents

Homifine.com -- One of the simplest ways to liven up a room is to decorate it with Succulents. They also come in a variety of shapes and colors.
Succulent plants can also be grown by inexperienced gardeners. Because they can be grown anywhere and don't require any special care.
You can grow Succulents in a variety of ways that suit your preferences. We have compiled a list of 7 insanely clever ways to plant succulents just for you. Let's read the review!

1. Mix beautiful succulent


There are many creations that you can make to grow Succulents. Not only have one type of  succulents, but you can also combine it with many other types for the best look.
Styling tips choose blooming Echeveria as the Focal point of the pot. That way, the appearance of the room will look stunning.

2. Growing Succulents on Containers


Beautify your terrace by growing charming succulents. The concept is almost the same as before, there is more than one type of succulent that you can grow.
The combination of succulents of large and small sizes side by side.

3. Succulent fairy garden


The trend of a fairy gardens is increasing. It turns out that to create a fairy garden, almost entirely using succulents of a petite size.
The characteristic is the fairy decoration that is in the middle of the garden.

4. Growing succulents in cups


Succulents are tiny plants that you can grow anywhere. One of them is a cup of tea or coffee. You can use beautiful succulent colors as a sweetener for the living room table.

5. Succulent vertical garden


Creating a vertical garden can help you save the available space. Succulent gardens are no exception.
You can grow succulents on wooden boards vertically. The appearance is beautiful and functional.

6. Growing succulents in terrariums


Growing succulents in a terrarium are one of the interesting ways to decorate a house. You can also use terrarium succulents as beautiful gifts.
Create succulents with beautiful and natural small coral rocks.

7. Heart-shaped succulent pots


 Tired of the usual pot? Try to use a beautiful heart-shaped pot. Suitable for livening the garden and also decorations in the room. Use succulents of tiny size, and plant them is a row.

That's 7 insanely clever ways to plant succulents. Good luck at home.

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