7 Plants to Help You Have A Green Thumb Without Any Effort

 Homifine.com - Getting a better view at home mostly needs more effort. Then, you can see these 7 Plants to Help You Have A Green Thumb Without Any Effort. It will be a great option for you if you get stuck on design and decoration. Let's check it out!

Air plants


This unique houseplant is perfect for the green thumb at your house. Air plants can thrive without soil to grow. You can get care of them by soak at least once every two weeks and keeping them indoors in indirect light.

ZZ plants


With low maintenance, ZZ plants are also good for the option of decorating your home. They can endure low light and indirect light from the south area. Check the soil first if you wanna watering this houseplant. If the soil is completely dry, you can do it.



Also known as a herb, Rosemary can grow well from seeds and cuttings. Put them near the window area that receives full sun and moderate water. 

Besides then, Rosemary can also grow in indoor or outdoor areas. If growing outdoors, you can grow them into a shrub in the yard, and prune them frequently to keep the shape.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera is a houseplant that also can use for health, beauty, and food, and increase home decoration. Such a succulent, Aloe vera doesn't require more water. 

You can water them when the soil is completely dry. Put this houseplant on a sunny window ledge that gets bright light from the southwest.



Look gorgeous with the feature, Philodendron suitable place at home or office. This houseplant loves humidity to grow. You can water the houseplant on the top of the soil appears dry 50-70%.  Place Philodendron in the area that receives indirect southwest light for best growth.

String of pearls


Part of succulent, String of Pearls also can beautify your home area. By growing at hang baskets, you can put them near the windowsill and make it like a curtain effect. This plant can thrive both in direct and indirect sunlight, totaling between six and eight hours a day.



Sansevieria or Snake Plant is an adaptable houseplant that is also perfect to increase indoor looks. Growing in containers or pots, you can put them in a corner area or on a tabletop. Don't water much to avoid root rot.

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