7 Plants You Can Grow Instead of a Fence for Privacy & Lush Green Look

 Homifine.com - Change your fence at with hedges or attractive shrub for pretty and fancy looks. With living barrier, you also can decorate it with add some ornaments or use topiary concept. Check these 7 Plants You Can Grow Instead of a Fence for Privacy & Lush Green Look.

Divide the Garden with Box Hedges


Do you wanna separate between garden and space or playground at backyard? Then, grow shrub or box hedges at this area. 

You can let the hedges growing naturally or cutting it for tidy accent. There's up to you how to cuttings, you can shape it into attractive or adopt character for pleasant and great looks.

Bamboo at Backyard


Bamboo also can use for hedges at your backyard area. Even small or large backyard, you can grow bamboo and arrange it nicely. Having bamboos offer an elegant and they also fast-growing. 

Besides then, it's perfect for busy people, it because bamboo is low maintenance plant and can be used to create a strong aesthetic living privacy screen.

Emerald Green Arborvitaes


The most popular living fence, Arborvitae look elegant and feel fancy at your yard area. They have thick evergreen leaves to create a dense hedge. This plant is fast-growing and can tolerate in any type of soil. They also cold resistant as well.

Red Tip Photinia


Red Photinia is an evergreen beautiful plant that can used for fence at your home or garden area. They have glossy leaves to provide dense coverage. Prune it frequently that can keep this plant healthy and flourishing.

Sturdy Hicks Yew Hedges


Other idea for living fence is Hicky Yew. Has botanical name Taxus x media 'Hicksii', this plant is low maintenance and establishes a fantastic evergreen scenery for yard. You can shape it and prune it regularly to keep the plant healthy and stunning.

Boston Ivy or Japanese Creeper


Boston ivy also can use for living fence. Include perennial, this lush and leafy climber provides a wall of foliage over three season. You can arrange it nicely into great shape and cuttings.

Jasmine Grow as Shrub Fence


Not only grow in pot, Jasmine also can grow at outdoor and grow up like shrub. You can also use it for hedges around a home or garden area. Just prune with nicely because they fast-growing.

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