Alocasia Black Velvet Care (Alocasia Reginula) -- Are you a fan lovely black plants? If so, you must be familiar with this exotic downy plant. They are known as Alocasia black velvet or the "Little Queen". 
This plant belongs to the Araceae family.
The leaves of Alcasia are breathtakingly beautiful. If you want to grow them. We will discuss Alocasia Black velvet care (Alocasia reginula)! Let's look at everything!

Suitable soil


The soil is the first element that you should pay attention to when growing Alocasia Black velvet. They are actually easy to grow.
You can use mixture sand soil and husks to grow them. Be sure to provide good drainage.

Required light and temperature


Alocasia black velvet grows well with indirect lighting. They need partial lighting. A suitable temperature is 15-30 degrees Celsius.
If in the room, you can put them near the window.



You need to be careful about watering Alocasia black velvet. They need moist soil. But you should not water excessively because it will only make the roots rot.
You can re-water it when the soil begins to dry.

Fertilizers and Moisture


For healthy growth, you need to apply fertilizer to Alocasia Black velvet. The plant loves a humid environment.



Repotting is another important aspect that you should consider. The plant's roots wrap around the pot. 
After a year or two, repotting is required.
Spring is the best time for them to grow.

That concludes our Alocasia black velvet care review. Hopefully, the information provided above is helpful. 

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