Care and Identification of New Varieties Tradescantia Variegated Pringle

Care and Identification of Tradescantia Variegated Pringle -- Tradescantia is an intriguing hanging ornamental plant to consider. There is one species that is not well recognized and is extremely intriguing for you to choose among the numerous well-known types, such as Tradescantia zebrina, fluminensis, sillamontana, and pallida, entitled tradescantia variegated pringle. See the following review for some identification and details:


Tinatia Pringlei is the botanical name for this Mexican plant, and it also goes by the name Mexican Wandering Jews. This plant's leaf features are speckled and distinct from others. Purple lilac three-petaled flowers on dark stems are produced by these variable purple dots on the leaves.


This plant prefers a well-drained, sunny position and will bloom throughout the summer and fall. Can be around 30 cm high and 60 cm wide. In the summer, the flowers range from lavender to purple-pink. In the summer, spring, and fall, the leaves will turn deep purple, olive green and blotchy.


Ensure that this plant is well-cared for and free of pests and illnesses. You can avoid seedling and encourage additional blossoming by trimming and cutting the stems of used blooms.


Because it develops vines, it can be grown in hanging pots under perfect growth circumstances. This plant, like other, can be grown in three ways. Seed and stem tip cutting, division method.


You may care for this plant so that is grows and produces lovely flowers by keeping many things in mind; about watering, this plant is not fond of wetness. Provides fertilizer for enough nourishment at the start of plant growth. Pruning should be done when the plants is dense and lush, and it should be done one a regular basis to keep the flower shape.

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