Graptosedum Varieties | Types of Graptosedum Succulents --  Graptosedum is a hybrid succulent variety resulting from a cross between the Graptopetalum and Sedum succulents, so they have a variety of appearances. The colors that this graptosedum has been interesting and not boring, there are several types that you can have for amazing decorations, check Graptosedum Varieties | Types of Graptosedum Succulents.

Graptosedum Danielsan


This first type resembles thick leaves with a sharp tip. At first glance, it appears to be a finger pointing upward. What makes this danielsan graptosedum interesting is its unusual combination. It is soft green at the base with reddish shoots.

Graptosedum Vera Higgins


Because of the color of the leaves, it is commonly known as graptosedum bronze. The leaves appear to be stiff flowers filling the pot. Few people are aware that this species has yellow flowers in the spring. When you have it as a house plant, you can place it on a brightly lit windowsill.

Graptosedum Ghosty


This type of graptosedum also comes in a variety of colors. This plant has a purplish, slightly green, and yellow color that fills each other's leaves and has a sharp leaf shape with overlapping petals. They will grow stretched out with strong stems and will look lovely when placed in a high area.

Graptosedum Francesco Baldi

It has a similar color appearance to Danielsan graptosedum, but the shape of the leaves, which are smaller and slender, distinguishes this type. The soft colors make it an excellent choice for filling a garden or changing the appearance of an evergreen garden.

Graptosedum Blue Giant


When you see this type of graptosedum, the baby blue color looks very soothing. Because the leaves are thick, as with other succulents, you must be careful not to overwater them, as this can cause the plants to soften and rot. It will look great when planted on white gravel because it goes well with this blue giant.

Graptosedum Mediterranean Mystery


Graptosedum is also available in green for those who prefer the color of plants. This type looks more attractive in your garden with its green leaves and stacked leaf shapes. Keep it in a brightly lit area to keep the leaves fresh.




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