How And When To Deadhead Hydrangeas To Keep Them Blooming All Summer Long - Similar with pruning, deadheading is the activity to remove spent flowers from a plant to encourage better blooms later on. This way can make your plant get benefit with neat and tidy appearances. 

Deadheading also allows the energy produced by the plant to go into the leaves, stems, and roots for future growth. We share with you about How And When To Deadhead Hydrangeas To Keep Them Blooming All Summer Long. Check it out!

Get the right tools


First way that you must do is, prepare the right tools. You need to have the appropriate shears handy. Use the pruners, which are, they had two sharp blades that cut like scissors. They handle stems up to half an inch in diameter.

Know your variety for the first


Pruning the Hydrangeas can do depends on the species. First, Bigleaf Hydrangeas, like Endless Summer, deadhead when the first set of flowers sprouts from last year's growth in the spring. 

And next, if you wanna a longer stem, make a deeper cut as long as it's done before July or August. Which is the time that plant begin forming buds for next year's flowers. 

Last, smooth Hydrangeas can remove the faded flowers as soon as they fade to green to ensure a second flush of smaller flowers in the fall.

Learn about how to deadhead Hydrangeas


For deadheading the Hydrangeas, you will be removing the faded flowers to reveal a set of healthy leaves. It can be done right after flowering or in late winter or early spring. You can locate the first set of full-sized leaves beneath the flower, and make a cut right above it.

When not to deadhead Hydrangeas


You can stop deadheading the Hydrangeas in autumn. At this time, Bigleaf Hydrangeas produce the last flush of flowers, to enjoy the dried blooms throughout the winter. And you can remove the Hydrangea to help produce healthy buds in the spring.

Take care before snip it


In early August, Hydrangeas usually set the buds for next year. And you can be careful not to remove large portions of the stems of bigleaf types. 

If you wanna snip Hydrangeas, waiting the bud to begin to swell in spring, right before they leaf out. This way to make you easy to identify the healthy buds of Hydrangeas.

Thank you for reading How And When To Deadhead Hydrangeas To Keep Them Blooming All Summer Long, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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