How to Grow an Easy Blue Potato Bush - Solanum Rantonnetii

How to Grow an Easy Blue Potato Bush - Solanum Rantonnetii -- A plant native to Argentina and Brazil that has been cultivated all over the work for its dark blue purple flowers that must be stunning and the center of attention. Salonum rantonnetti is the most productive flowering plant in the summer. Read the following reviews to learn more about its development and care.

Salonum rantonnetii


Lycianthes rantonnetii is a blue potato shrub native to Argentina and other parts of the world. Blooms with a faint purple-blue fragrance and a yellow center. This plant has a nearly oval elliptical shape and large purple-beer blooms that appear from March to October and even year round in warm climates. Because it is poisonous, the orange-red oval berry is incredible.

How to disperse solanum


This blue potato bush plant can be propagated directly from seed or from easy stem cuttings. Cut stem cuttings 5 - 6 inches from the leaf node and plant in well-drained potting soil if using. Water thoroughly and place in a warm location.

Blue potato bush growing requirements


Location - As a with all plants, ensure that this plant can bloom well and that it is placed in a location that receive 5 - 6 hours of sunlight. Avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight and avoid keeping it in the shade all day. 

Soil - Solanum rantonnetii is not fussy about growing media, but care must be taken when selecting the type of soil to grow it in. Choose plants that have the right combination of organic fertilizer, compost, and sand. 

Watering - Keep the soil moist by watering regularly. Water the plant only when the soil is complete dry. 

Bush blue potato maintenance


Fertilizer should e applied in the spring or before new growth begins. Fertilizer once a month with a 10 - 10 10 liquid fertilizer and compost. Giving this fertilizer to the plant can help it grow much larger and produce more beautiful flowers.

Pruning - perform pruning to keep the plant's appearance. The smooth gray-brown branches that grow in a circle should e removed. After it has finished flowering, prune it in the winter. This light pruning can be done on a regular basis to produce larger plants and more beautiful flowers.

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