Six Stunning Pink Succulent You Must Have -- The beauty of succulents is indeed an attraction for many people to collect various varieties. In addition, the ease of maintenance also makes this plant superior for anyone to care for, from beginners to experts. Various interesting succulent varieties this time will present several pink colors that you can collect. Check Six Stunning Pink Succulent You Must Have.





Echeveria Trumpet

This succulent has beautiful purplish pink leaves with clustered trumpet-like shapes, just like its name. Aside from its beauty, this plant can be collected as a unique leafy plant that is rarely owned by other plants. Do you like it?

Echeveria Taurus

This plant's thick leaves have a sharp tip shape. The pink color in the center of the leaf appears lighter than the edges, which have a firm pink color and dark shoots. Because it is simpler, this plant would be ideal for use as an elegant room decoration.

Aeoniums Forever

Unlike other succulents with thick leaves, this variety has thinner leaves that look like blooming pink flowers. The pattern on the leaves also looks unique, with a combination of pink and brownish green. They also have trunks that resemble miniature trees when you plant them in pots.

Succulent Jelly Bean

This pink succulent has the appearance of a gleaming candy with a smooth surface. The clustered shape of the small and thick leaves looks lovely, especially with the pink and green that blends well. Keep the leaves gleaming so you can show off their beauty to everyone who sees them.

Echeveria Violet Queen

The purplish pink color that is owned by this plant is liked by many people. The stacked leaves make a beauty that you can't avoid. Like most succulents, the leaves will get soggy when you give them too much water.

Echeveria Peach Pink Crested

When grown thickly, the small and thin leaves of this variety are very attractive because they can cover the pot in a pinkish peach color. They make excellent hanging plants when their pots are covered.

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