Six Things You Should Know to Take Care of Begonia Maculata -- Begonia maculata is one of the most preferred varieties because it has unique leaves with polka-dot motifs. In addition, this plant can also produce beautiful white flowers. Here are some things you need to know when caring for them. Check out Six Things You Should Know to Take Care of Begonia Maculata.





The first treatment you should consider is related to lighting. Because direct sunlight fades the white spots on the leaves, this plant prefers indirect bright light. 

This plant can also thrive in more shady conditions. Just make sure your plants get enough sunlight and don't leave them in a dark place.





Watering plants properly means making sure the soil's surface is dry. Begonias prefer moist but not wet soil. Excessive watering will result in a variety of problems, including root rot and pests. 

Check with your fingertips to see if the begonia requires watering.





Plant placement is also something you pay attention to make sure the plants live in the area they like. 

Begonia maculata likes room temperature, so it is suitable for houseplants. Keep it away from windy areas, and the best temperature for this plant is 18 - 30 degrees C.





The nutritional needs of the plant necessitate fertilizing occasionally to add enough energy to grow better. Give liquid fertilizer mixed with water when watering. 

The right time to fertilize is during the growing season. For time consistency, fertilize every 4 weeks and reduce in winter.




If you really like this plant, you don't have to buy more of it. All you need to do is propagate from the mother plant. Cut off the part of the stem with some leaves to get the cuttings. Make sure your scissors are clean and sharp. 

After that, place it in a glass of water and wait for a while to extract the roots. Plants will receive the best nutrition when planted in the ground, so once the roots have grown, move them to a pot.



This begonia is one of the varieties that has lovely flowers. To maximize flower growth, apply fertilizer on a regular basis, but not too frequently. They will flower and bloom multiple times during a growing season.

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