Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas for a Lush and Modern Look

Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas for a Lush and Modern Look

Homifine.com -- Using the plant ceiling ideas below, you can give your home a refreshing tropical feel and a more decorative look. Room decoration with plants is not a common or simple task. You should also make an effort to select the appropriate decorations so that the room has more leverage and feels refreshed. With the following ideas, you can add a touch of green to the ceiling area in each room:

 Plants hung from the ceiling in a cafe-style room


You can begin decorating your home cafe area with this plant-filled ceiling. Choose ornamental plants that can be grown indoors, such as pothos and monstera vines. You can hang it on a strong hook to keep it from falling off. 

Trailing plants in the midst of a leafy environment


Trailing plants like these can help you create a jungle atmosphere in your home. This area, particularly the placement of plants around windows with fairly intense lighting, can be the best place to relax. Combine at the same time with the plants at the bottom to create a more complete collection.

Hanging lamp for aesthetic decoration


Create a plant ceiling model that can create a fresh atmosphere at home, in addition to being an important part for relaxing or just a special area. This design, in addition to providing a tropical effect, can enhance the appearance of a modern jungle with numerous rattan hanging lamp accents.

Beautiful artificial plant ceiling


A striking appearance in this area will make it a more appealing space. The selection of artificial plant types, when neatly arranged, will provide the concept of a tropical house with a more natural atmosphere. You can also add some ornamental plants to the corner to complete the look.

Precies void area


The void area is an excellent location for creating hanging plants in the room. In addition to adequate lighting. This location can incorporate visual effects and a balanced space sketch effect.

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