ZZ Plant Problem and How to Solve it

ZZ Plant Problem and How to Solve it

Homifine.com -- Dollar plants are ornamental plants with glossy foliage that are known to be tolerant of neglectful care. Or, more colloquially, zz plant, is a plant that is difficult to kill. However, all plants that are easy to care for and difficult to kill share common issues such as yellowing leaves, rotting roots, and sudden death. This review can identify the zz plant problem and the appropriate handling methods.

Leaf yellowing


Excessive watering is a common issue with zz plant, causing the leaves to turn yellow or brown. In the sun, this plant's growth can become drooping, wrinkles, and too long. Recognize the signs and respond in a variety of ways, such as moving to shady area or scheduling watering.

The leaves of the zz plant roll up


In addition to turning yellow, the leaves of the zz plant frequently curl, which can be caused by a variety of factors. The cause could be due to underwatering, overwatering , pests, or low humidity. Usually, this is accompanied by curly, brown leaves. Check for things like watering, room humidity, and pests that could be the source of the problem.

The stems of the plants are wrinkled


The most likely cause of zz plant growing differently than others is a lack of water. Despite the fact that this plant is tough and resistant to neglects. Do not allow the zz plant's stems to shrivel and die as a result of a lack and die as a result of a lack of water. Recognize these symptoms and others by providing enough humidity, moving indoors, adn scheduling proper watering. 

Plant roots that are rotting


The most common issue with zz plant is overwatering, which causes the plants to become submerged. Water only when the soil is dry, and use a porous pot with adequate drainage and light.

Plant stems zz fall


Excessive  watering causes plants to wither, stems to fall and rot until they can no longer support the weight of the existing stems and leaves. This occurs because the plant appears thin and tall due to the dim lighting. Optimize with fertilizer application and schedule watering to the plant's location to get the proper light.

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