7 Best Bedroom Plants that Purify the Air

Homifine.com -- Apart from being a complement to the garden on the page, now plants can also be owned as a popular room decoration. Plants with several important benefits are often a mainstay for several rooms, including bedrooms. As an owner, of course you want a room that is comfortable and makes for the perfect rest. For some plants you can have as bedroom plants, check out the 7 Best Bedroom Plants that Purify the Air.

Bamboo Palm


Plants with sizes that tend to be large appear as stunning decorations in your bedroom. Put it in the corner of the room, so it doesn't interfere with your access. If you ask what are the benefits of this bamboo palm for your bedroom, then you will get clean air from pollutants and toxins.



Lavender is a popular plant as a mosquito repellent because of its distinctive aroma. Apart from that, placing it in your bedroom will make you feel the scent of serenity, which can improve the quality of your sleep.



Apart from lavender, you will also get a distinctive aroma from the jasmine plant. The white flowers can produce a pleasant smell and can be a natural aromatherapy while you sleep, because they are also known as powerful stress relievers.

Peace Lily


This peace lily has an elegant appearance with a distinctive white flower color. Apart from its beauty, this plant is also known to be the perfect room cleaner, so it can improve the quality of your sleep. Humid areas in the bedroom will also be liked by this plant.

Spider Plant


Apart from peace lilies, spider plants also make perfect air purifying plants. According to NASA, spider plants can be proven to reduce formaldehyde in the air. You can find this formaldehyde in some bedroom furniture around you.

English Ivy


English Ivy is an interesting plant to decorate your bedroom. Place it as a curtain against a window, or you can have a pot with a trellis to shape it neatly. In addition to beauty, English ivy can also improve allergy or asthma symptoms and can reduce mold in the air.

Golden Pothos


The next plant that you can have in your bedroom is golden pothos. This plant has important benefits as an air purifier in the room. Caring for this plant is also very easy so that it can survive even with a little neglect.

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