7 Flowering Houseplants to Add Color to Your Home

Homifine.com -- Plant lovers, come together! What are your favorite plants at home? Do flowering plants catch your attention for stunning room decorations? 

Flowering plants are indeed the perfect choice to create a colorful appearance and make the room look boring. However, not all plants can have beautiful flowers. You can have the following varieties to beautify your space. 

For details, check out 7 Flowering Houseplants to Add Color to Your Home.

Easter Cactus


This lovely plant is more than just a pretty decoration. It can be used as a unique decoration for Easter celebrations. They typically bloom in the late winter and early spring. The Easter cactus also has fewer irritating spines than most other cactus varieties.

Cape Primrose


This lovely plant is an attractive variety of African violet. They bloom well in a damp environment with indirect bright light. The drooping leaves on tall flower stalks with a trumpet-like shape are what make the cape primrose unique.



Aside from growing it in a large backyard, you can also plant it indoors and display the beauty of the flowers as decorations. The flowers have a distinct semicircular shape if properly cared for. You can also consider having this hydrangea because of its ease of cultivation.



This lovely flower is popular for decoration, is a symbol of affection, and has a variety of health benefits in herbal medicine. When you put it in the house, take care of it by watering it regularly and placing it in a bright area with indirect light.

Oxalis Triangularis


This one house plant is distinguished by a beautiful leaf shaped like a butterfly wing. Oxalis comes in a variety of colors, the most popular of which is purple. Oxalis not only has beautiful leaves, but it can also produce flowers, making it even more appealing.



Begonia Maculata


Begonias are also known for their distinctive leaves, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, and details. Flowers are not produced by all begonia varieties. One of them, however, can be found in Begonia maculata. The polka dot leaves also have lovely pink flowers that will draw the attention of anyone who sees them.

Peace Lily


Peace lily is well-known and popular among plant enthusiasts. Its clean leaves and white flowers appear to be the best plant combination. Peace lily has several other advantages, including the ability to clean the air around it of pollutants.





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