7 Hardy Indoor Plants for Air Purification

7 Hardy Indoor Plants for Air Purification

Homifine.com -- Ornamental plants are often utilized as decorations to improve the look of a space. Unexpectedly, decorative plants can improve the air quality and make the space cleaner. Additionally, research has shown that plants can improve mental, health, purify the air, and help people deal with stress in excess. Here are 7 attractive plants that can purify the air and improve the landscape:

Snake plant


The snake plant is one of the plants that is thought to be effective at cleaning the air. In addition, one plant that many people frequently own is one that requires little maintenance. This plant that produces oxygen can be grown indoors or outdoors. Can create oxygen at night by converting carbon dioxide. 

Spider plant


The most popular air purifying plant and one that grows well is the spider plant, often known as the ribbon plant. This plant is a fantastic option for neutralizing home toxins. They can be placed everywhere in the room, as demonstrated by NAsa. A type of formaldehyde, xylene, or toluene is the pollutant that can be removed.

Peace lily


The best air purifying plant, ad determined by NASA, is this lovely white  flowering plant, which has been shown to improve air quality by 60%. This plant can remove carbon dioxide, benzen, and formaldehyde from the air in the room.

Boston fern


Ferm is the next plant on NASA's list of those that filter the air. It is quite appealing to place plants in hanging baskets that also moisturize and assist the air in the room regain humidity.

Weeping fig


This tropical plant with broad leaves is frequently used in landscaping or as an attractive plant in homes and workplaces. This weeping fig has thin branches covered with glossy, dark, and thick leaves. This plant was also picked since it is an effective air purifier and can purify the air in the space.



For ages, people have thought that the plant known as Chinese evergreen will bring them luck. Anywhere in the shady interior of the house as a good air purifier plant and open to clean formaldehyde and benzene. 

Bamboo palm


A excellent indoor plant that will create a tropical atmosphere, it can grow up to 12 feet tall. Repotting sluggish growing plants in big containers takes a while. Functions as a fantastic plant for cleaning the air in any space.

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