7 Indoor Plants that Color Psychology Claims Will Affect You

7 Indoor Plants that Color Psychology Claims Will Affect You

Homifine.com -- Colors has the ability to influence a wide range of psychological effect, moods, behaviors, and visual experiences. That is why indoor ornamental plants are important to consider in mental health because they can affect the owner's psychology. Find the year of indoor plants based on color psychology that can influence. As well as what types of plants can be planted.

Jasmine Polyanthum


Plants as simple as white flowers can emit a fragrant aroma into the room. Jasmine is an excellent choice for creating a pure home atmosphere and comfort in the room. According to psychology, the color white can evoke feelings of peace, love, and harmony.

Caladium Strawberry Star


Strawberry Star Caladium is another ornamental plant with white leaves. This plant appear to be extraordinary. The overall contrast of red and white spots creates a dramatic effect in the room. To create the best atmosphere, place this plant on the veranda, living room, or bedroom.



The veined green leaves with soft purple flowers add interest to the room's textures. Purple can evoke creativity, spirituality, royalty, and luxury in terms of psychology. Several other varieties, in a variety of colors are also very appealing.



This lovely succulent comes in a variety of colors, including purple and pink. You can have oval fleshy leaves with a waxy coating for a more luxurious appearance. This plant is simple to grow and care for, and it can be propagated through stem cuttings or water propagation.

Sedum Aurora


A succulent with fleshy spiral leaves in a pink hue that brightens a room and serve as a decoration to enhance the romantic feel pink represents tenderness and sensitivity, and it looks sweet and pleasant in the room.

Anthurium Andreanum


Red ornamental plants will represent joy, youth, and increase energy. Anthurium andreanum is a plat with vibrant colors that contrast beautifully with green leaves. NASA has also named this plant as a plant that filters harmful chemicals from the air.

Golden sedum


The orange specimens on the following plants are stunning. The oval, fleshy leaves of this golden sedum lighten when placed in hanging baskets. Yellow can draw attention and leaves a positive impression, making it ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen, or outdoors. This plant will give the impression of harmony and energy in the color red.

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